Relieve pain with radon

Radon baths are often used as a pain relieving and long-term very promising treatment option for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, chronic pain, arthrosis or rheumatic complaints. Radon is a natural remedy and a stimulus for the functional reactivation of the body's own self-healing powers. The immune system is strengthened, pain is relieved and inflammation is cured. Enzymes that catch free radicals are stimulated to contribute to general well-being.

Radon treatments can be used in the Kurmittelhaus Bad Schlema as part of an outpatient preventive and rehabilitation measure (outpatient spa treatment) and as a private payer. Radon baths and radon dry gas baths are available. A treatment series of nine to twelve baths is recommended. It should be noted that there is always one for radon applications
>>> Certificate of harmlessness <<< from the doctor
must be presented.

Registration for treatments: Tel .: 03771 215528

Radon bath in the Kurmittelhaus Bad Schlema