Ayurveda Health and Beauty Center

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Experience medical wellness at its very best. Treat your body and mind. Relax and learn how a health conscious life style is able to improve your overall wellbeing.

Ayurveda has been used successfully in treating the following conditions: Diabetes, stress syndromes, sleep disorders, skin problems, depression, metabolic disorders.


Consultation with pulse diagnosis

The Ayurveda specialist is able to identify health problems startlingly accurate using pulse diagnosis, by checking hair, finger nails, pupils and by asking further questions.

45 minutes - 50 €

Psychological Ayurveda consultation

Ayurveda psychology is a modern therapy method that enables people to be gently and empathetically guided through their journey of solving their own inner processes and to unlock new talents and potential.

45 minutes - 50 €

the queen: Forehead oil flow treatment - Shirodhara

These treatments create a deep relaxation of mind and soul, stabilise the entire nervous system, improve concentration and help with headaches and sleeping problems.

30 minutes - € 50 €

We recommend that you book your Ayurveda treatment session for three successive days after the consultation.

3x 30 minutes - 120 €


We offer all traditional Ayurveda treatments and cures.